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Design Services

We work with you to develop and design elearning. From custom templates to style guides and design documents our team will equip you to begin the process of rapid development.  Our team is ready to help enhance your brand and product with amazing elearning.  Our design services adapt to meet you where you are and your needs.

Training Development

We believe companies are wasting money on poor training and bad elearning. We believe that using a Flipped Classroom approach you can save money by offering more content online. Using our eleraning development services will mean that your online offerings are engaging, interactive and meaningful to your learners. We also provide support and development for classroom training as a counterpart to great elearning.  

Learning Metrics

Einstein said "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." This is true of learning metrics. We cannot always quantify the ways we impact peoples lives, equip them for their job, and develop them into the next leader. We can, however, track key performance indicators that point towards great training as a catalyst. We help you to setup and track those KPI's from a training perspective. Whether it is post training assessments, secondary data collection or peer to peer feedback, we are always looking to equip you with the data you need.

Workflow Analysis

Good learning, whether strictly online or in a classroom, must address the workflow and day to day job of a learner. Our team is prepared to do a workflow analysis of your learners to address gaps in their learning and gaps in our understanding of their workflow. This service helps you to target learning and interaction at the actions your learners need to take. We believe that an action oriented learning plan is the most effective learning.

Research & Development

With an ever changing landscape of learning technology available to us at any given time it can be hard to know what to invest in and harvest. Many organizations do nothing until a technology becomes mainstream, leaving them years behind the curve. Our Research & Development service allows you to use our talented team to develop new learning innovations just for you. Our programmers, technology enthusiasts, and creative minds are ready to take any challenge you throw at us and craft a usable, sustainable and implementable solution for you and your learners.

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