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Custom Creations

Like a well tailored suite, Custom elearning is built to fit your company in all the right places.


We specialize in Interactive learning. We believe that learners need to learn by doing, regardless of the content. From Soft skills , software simulation and even conceptual attainment, we make sure that your learners are engaged and interacting with the content.
Our Promise to you is that you''ll never find using a slide deck to present as elearning!


Your learners are using their mobile devices to search, watch videos, and engage with content everywhere. We specialize in creating mobile learning to meet your learners where they are! From Geospecific content to Augmented reality and so much more, we bring your training content to mobile platforms. Whether you need a training App, Mobile Onboarding process or just training content available on the go, we will help you expand your training horizons.

Custom Code

We work with many great Authoring Tools (Captivate, Articulate, Lectora, etc), and can bring these tools to life with custom Javascript & HTML.  This works great for those instances where you want the source code for your in-house developer to maintain. However, we also can develop custom Applications & sites for you using the limitless capabilities of HTML5, Jquery, Javascript, Angular, Java, and more. These custom applications can take your learning to the next level & separate your learning from the rest of the industry.


While Gamification is a great Buzzword for elearning development, what does this mean for you? At the heart of what we do is interaction & engagement. One of the best ways to engage learners is through the use of "Game elements" such as choice & consequences, levels, adaptive learning, recognition, and scenarios. These elements exist, as gamification, to engage and reinforce learning. The main purpose is learning, a secondary result just happens to be fun.

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